A brown nose who has advanced beyond the ass lick and ass kiss stages. One who truly enjoys the work. No humiliation or inconvienience will deter their attempt to impress, compliment, or patronize their perceived superior.
Carol is such an ass scarf she spent her day off running errands for the boss.
toxic megacolonによって 2004年07月29日(木)
One who is such an asshat they must wear an ass scarf in the winter.
You have your head so far up your ass, you go beyond asshat. You are an ass scarf.
1010によって 2004年07月27日(火)
Someone who's head is so far up their ass they're past asshat status.
Calling him an asshat is an understatement. He's an assscarf.
xx-ia-xxによって 2010年09月23日(木)
Like "asshat"
Person X: asshat!
Person Y: assscard!
Anonymousによって 2003年08月25日(月)