1 Causing irritation or annoyance. To disturb and irritate.

When someone can't shut the fuck up and has to make a fool of themselves in front of everyone to try to prove something. They scream and whine all day about bullshit no one cares about. You should want to strangle the shit out of them cause they're so god damn annoying.
Bronson is such an annoying loser. People laugh at his ass and want to strangle him cause he bugs the shit out of everyone.
r3d334によって 2008年05月16日(金)
When someone calls you everyday at minimum and has nothing to say.
Person1:How's it going?

A few hours later

Person1:What're you doing?

A few more hours later

Person1: Hi
Person2:STOP FUCKING CALLING! (Your so damn annoying)
somerandomguy789によって 2009年08月24日(月)
The ONE person that always asks a stupid or last questions when class is over and it's time to go home.
*bell rings*...everyone's packing up to go home.

*hand raises from stupid person*
"ummm...just one LAST question."

*glares*SO annoying.
Sweetieeによって 2009年02月01日(日)
1) When People Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence.
2) Wen pepel mispell evry wurd inn uh sentance
3) Whn PpL typ LIK dYs
5) When people say "Oh my God." They are disrespecting God. Let me rant on a little bit here...
6) When people get into a huge religious debate when someone says "Oh my God."
7) When people contradict themselves.
8) When people unknowingly make themselves look stupid.
9) When people say something's annoying when it's actually funny.
10) When people contradict themselves.
11) When people repeat themselves.
12) When people use memes like Candlejack to be funny. It's not funny it's just unorigina
13) When people keep typing after using a meme that interrupts a sentence.
14) When people have a "heart attaHNNNNNNNNNNGH
15) When people keep typing after using a meme that interrupts a sentence.
16) When people repeat themselves.
17) When people repeat themselves more than once.
19) When people skip a number.
18) When people put that number after the number that's usually after it.
20) A bunch of other sh!t.
21) When people substitute '!' for 'i' when swearing.
22) When people contradict themselves.
23) When people repeat the- Oh, you get it.
1) Hello There I Am Very Annoying.
2)Helo tere ai m veri anoying.
3) HlO tere I M anOYiNg
5) "Oh God, I'm annoying."
"STFU lemme giv ya religious debated!"
6) You get it.
Lucio Sophによって 2010年09月10日(金)
An individual who is too clingy. Forceful and just incredibly unbearable to talk to. Who tries to own you by implying you cannot have sex even though you are single and makes that persons EX very angry.
Heather. Prime stalker for guys.

ignorant unbearable
Locarnoによって 2005年08月01日(月)
When kids (oftenly "scene") add an extra letter onto the end of a word or change the spelling of the word "you".
Commenting a friend's picture on MySpace typing in the annoying fashion...

Kid: OMGG. Yhurr hairr iss so freakinn gorgeouss. Pc4pc?
Abbie!によって 2009年06月29日(月)
when urbandictionary doesn't say "thank you"
when a person thinks they are bigger than jesus they are annoying...
leleleleleleleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeによって 2009年01月29日(木)


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