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Slang: Some use the word to describe women with a large booty.
"Hey you have a good sized airbag back there."


"Yeah you know, a nice ass."
Kira C,によって 2005年11月04日(金)
(noun) lungs; the basic respiratory organ of air-breathing vertebrates.
Do I wanna smoke? Nah, I ain't tweekin tha AIR BAGS foo, you best ta get steppin'!
Fangstaによって 2003年04月29日(火)
when a man lets a girl give him a rim job and he farts in her mouth, sending her flying backwards and leaving a horrible taste in her mouth
while she was giving him a rimjob, he farted and blew stinky air all over her face like an airbag.
cwebによって 2007年10月22日(月)
A womens Big fucking fake boobs that men like to suck on all night.
Last night i saw my girlfriends airbags.:P
Borat Sagdiyev,によって 2007年05月29日(火)