An operating system based on the PlaySkool interface. Magically appeared after Apple introduced it's "Aqua" environment, making the first move to make a computer operating system more enjoyable, and pleasing to the eye. Basically, take Windows 98 and Windows 2000, mix them together and add PlaySkool design techniques, and you have Windows XP.
XP User: Whoa dude check out my new Windows XP i just bought! My start button is GREEN! HEHEHE!!!
Mac User: Oh umm, ok sure.. check this out *moves pointer across dock as it expands*
XP User: Whoa thats slick, where did you download that!?
Mac User: Um, i didn't download anything, I purchased a computer from the correct section of the store at CompUSA.
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Matthew Gillによって 2006年04月28日(金)
one of the most stable OS of windows family (win98 was more stable of course)it was done to redeem the shit they did with win me aka win 2000 b.c *coughs* i mean win 2000 :)
l33th4x0rn00b123:i replaced my shit0rz win 2000 b.c with windows xp
proplayer:finally u do a good choice ;)
l33th4x0rn00b123:but im going to get my win vista copy
proplayer:ok your idea has just died ASSHOLE
#win #shit0rz #b.c #xp #;)
Eagle_FTWによって 2008年03月31日(月)
A program first created in secret by Microsoft Corporation and funded by the US Navy, the sole purpose of which was supposed to be to delete files saved onto the hard disk and not allow any external hardware to be installed on the computers of terrorists. Somehow Bill Gates found out that it could, concievably, be used as an operating system and be used by any normal person with a minumum of 6 years computer training. Needless to say, it made him millions.
Godammit, Windows XP is a piece of shit! *bangs computer*
Blizzleairによって 2003年07月14日(月)
I am a network administrator for a company called Audio Video. I know computers in and out. Windows XP is one of the worst OS's Microsoft has made yet. Win2k Pro is actually the best. Easy to network, very nice layout, not TOO userfriendly like XP, and with 2k you can define your own settings. XP is so user friendly that you cant do what you really want to do. Very unstable, and doesn't support most advanced scripts. Most XP computers don't even support OpenGL. That my friend, is sad.
Windows XP is like taking Win98 and making it look even worse. Now that my friends, is a bad OS.
Brianによって 2004年01月19日(月)
An Experimental Project (XP) released upon the masses of computer users, tooted as the latest and greatest operating system, which, in theory sounds great, however in practice, causes nothing more than problems, headaches, and nausea, and high job turnover rates for Network Administrators.
This fucking Windows X-perimental Project has crashed yet again, and insists upon sending an error report to MicroSoft. Un-be-fucking-lieveable. You'd think that after 20 years in the market, they'd have come up with something more stable...
Da Dirty Q-Tipによって 2002年10月18日(金)
Does to much and works little.
The stupid cunt down the road installed extremely piss into his car's computer and it makes him answer a questionaire before turning... then decides the other way would be better anyway.
Ricanによって 2004年01月25日(日)
an invention of the nazi's of microsoft to slow down the world and put everyone out of pocket, even the elderly, disabled and anyon else who hapens to live in a country were computers are used, i hope bill gates dies.
Windows XP, the worlds most powerful os, if you dont like computers that are switched on
davidによって 2003年10月29日(水)

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