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Four words, Blue screen of Death
Windows crashed again??
bOb_the Definerによって 2005年04月16日(土)
The worst Operating System a PC could ever possibly run.
relaxedによって 2003年05月27日(火)
used to refer to an annoying old person. It is similar in meaning to "grandpa"/"grandma", usually exclaimed in frustration or anger.
"WTF? Windows 95 over there keeps putting candies in the tip jar."
truthorderridaによって 2013年11月10日(日)
32 bit extensions and a graphical shell for a

16 bit patch to an

8 bit operating system originally coded for a

4 bit microprocessor, written by a

2 bit company, that can't stand

1 bit of competition.
A new navy unmanned boat has sunk due to an error with its Windows 95 operating system.
Severin Victorによって 2004年05月04日(火)
The staple the held Windows ME together.
Cause of many crashes.
AKA. My first OS
Ouch dude I can’t believe you use Win 95
Idによって 2004年11月08日(月)
The worst operating system ever made.
My windows 95 crashed 95 times a day.
nooneによって 2003年11月02日(日)
Like a virus, Windows 95 eats up valuable system resources, screw up ur hard drive, but Windows 95 is not a virus. A virus is well supported by its author and has a fast code. Windows is not a virus, its a bug
nooneによって 2003年11月02日(日)

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