Nintendo's desperate attempt to copy Apple's iPad in order to get more casuals on board yet it failed epically. The Wii u is one of Nintendo's biggest failures and anyone who disagrees is a delusional Nintendrone. The Wii u was declared dead on February 20, 2013 when the PS4 curb-stomped and annihilated it from relevancy.
Nintendrone: "Yo man, are you getting that Wii u?"

Guy: "Why the hell would I buy that iPad piece of dead crap when the PS4 killed it already? Get a real next gen console you loser."
YouKnowImRightBichによって 2013年09月07日(土)
Top Definition
Nintendo's eighth generation home console, successor to the Wii, released in 2012
the Wii mostly targeted casual gamers, but the Wii U will target both casual and hardcore gamers
the controller looks like a traditional controller but has a big touch screen, almost like a tablet
it is said to be 50% more powerful than the PS3, but the power is likely to get over taken by the next PlayStation and Xbox, and showcased games of current generation
it will not be capable of playing DVD or Blu-Rays, but is backwards compatible with Wii games

the console itself looks like the Xbox 360 and Wii had a child
the Wii U; terrible name, but nonetheless...

Finally, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and Super Smash Bros. all in HD!

A: The Wii U? more like Pee Yew!
B: lol, epic fail
SCB '92によって 2011年06月16日(木)
Wii U

Wii , iPad ------> SEX!
Man ! Have you seen the new Wii U? It's like a drunk Wii knocked up an iPad !
M.Aurelioによって 2011年06月09日(木)
An 8th-generation video game console announced in 2011, and released in 2012. While it may seem that it competes with the Xbox One and PS4 directly, Nintendo has stated themselves that this is not true.

What separates this from other video game consoles the unique controller: the Wii U Gamepad. This controller has a 6" touch-screen built into it for unique/new ways to play video games. Surprisingly, it also is very comfortable. It does not use motion controls at all.

While the Wii U is more powerful than the 7th generation's video game consoles, it is not as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One (Which is why Nintendo decides not to directly compete with them). Also, while the Xbox One and PS4 use X68, PC-like processors, the Wii U doesn't, making it harder to code games for both the Wii U and any other 8th-generation console.

Lastly, the Wii U is Nintendo's first console capable of 1080p gaming. Also, the Wii U is backwards-compatible with the Wii's games.
The Wii U has a unique controller that separates it from other consoles.

The Wii U is Nintendo's first HD console.
AwesomeSaucerによって 2014年01月02日(木)
The suuccessor to the Nintendo Wii, announced in June 2011 at E3.
Wii U like to play?

lolwut, that's a silly name!
General Echidnaによって 2011年06月09日(木)
Workers' International Industrial Union. An offshoot of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) and SLP (Socialist Labor Pary) it is a Marxist-DeLeonist industrial union. In addition to advocating Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, it also (unlike IWW) advocates the creation of a political party of labor to fight for the working class and abolish the wage-slavery system.
I joined the W.I.I.U. because the AFL-CIO has been co-opted by the Democratic Party, and I want a REAL labor movement.
autonomia386によって 2010年12月10日(金)
A console/console addon that costs a sh*t ton of money, but has no real value for gaming, seriously, it's a friggen tablet.
Hey, did you get a wii u? Nah, me neither...
xXLEGENDARYXxによって 2015年02月23日(月)
When you feel so guilty about past success, you purposely try to sabotage yourself so your rivals have a chance.

Wii was a one-hit wonder with enticing motion controls, everyone has that now. A generation behind in its time, you knew the PS4 was over 5 years away. But PS4 is just a year or two past Wii U, everyone will wait instead. Casuals will stick to their original Wii and ipads/pods.

The most important fact is that it takes time to get to know the hardware of a game system well, for the developer API's to get to that point where they can make great looking games. Wii U is only 50% stronger than a PS3, but modern PS3 games look over 50% better than 1st gen PS3 games, so the result is when Wii U is released, its games just aren't going to look much better than PS3 games. Nintendo could have used this opportunity to be the first to market a serious next-gen contender and re-dominated this gen like they did the last one with Wii, but intense feelings of guilt of how much insane money they made with DS and Wii's success has caused them to want to destroy themselves with Wii U and the overpriced 3DS. When Microsoft and Sony release their next-gen systems that are going to have better frame rates, handle 1080p 3d games, better texture resolution, anisotropic filtering, physics, other nice graphics effects, Nintendo's corporate harakiri will be complete.
USA felt so guilty about success against the Japanese in WW2 that we made a Wii U to the Iraqis and Afghanistanis and let them kill thousands of our soldiers.
Final Boss of the Universeによって 2011年07月12日(火)

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