One-word expression of forgiveness for a past occurence which can't be undone or rectified. From the phrase "It's water under the bridge."
Jack: "I'm so sorry I hurt your feelings."
Jill: "Water..."
RoperDopeによって 2007年05月25日(金)
In Southeastern Ohio talk, the phrase that starts:
"What are you doing?
howdy y'all, water yoo dooin'?
watlyによって 2006年01月17日(火)
The most abundant substance on earth, yet it will cost you 14.99 if it's bottled in France. The secret is to get gay people to bottle it for you.
I just found a gay guy on the street, Im going to have him pour water from the faucet into various containers and sell them for 13.99.
DoubleRによって 2003年07月07日(月)
another word for beer or an alcoholic drink.
"Man im so gone off this shit."
"Yea? Pass me the water."
fcknessaによって 2009年10月07日(水)
another name for clear liq..
all for water cuz u know i'm thristy
VII Trumpによって 2005年11月25日(金)
Used to describe areas of maps that contain water in CS
You go DD, I'll go water.
Annonymousによって 2004年11月10日(水)

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