W.A.E (Would Anyone Else)

Shorthand for sites such as Reddit when a user asks others their opinion about something.
WAE make a one way trip to Mars?
zBriGuyによって 2009年09月07日(月)
Korean word (왜). Means 'Why'.
Wae are you like this?
peepboによって 2011年04月14日(木)
Is usually a tumblr thing, mostly used by asians.

Is like, another way of saying:

Jonghyun and Shin Ke Kyung?

Min Youngによって 2011年04月01日(金)
weed. pot. marajuna. whatever.
Let's go smoke mad WAE.
aidsboy86によって 2005年03月02日(水)
Worst Asian Ever. Being excessively bad a video games, not driving a Honda Civic, inept at using chopsticks, never got past yellow belt in martial arts, absolutely incompetent with the violin and piano, hates racquet sports, and being taller than 5 foot 10.
Dude, he's wae, he doesn't even watch anime.
waughによって 2006年12月01日(金)


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