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Italian designer clothing brand. Designed by Donatella Versace since her brother Gianni Versace's death in 1997. Versace's image is sexy and their runway collections are among the most colorful ones every season.
"Everyone remembers Jennifer Lopez's turquoise/lime gown by Versace"
"I loved the colors in Versace's spring collection!"
Diamond Princessによって 2005年01月31日(月)
an expensive brand of italian clothing which everyone wants something of, but everyone wanting them cant afford them
'did you see that versace store on 1st street?'
'ya, but nobodys in there, probably cause everythings too damn expensive'
#clothing #expensive #sexy #luxury #italian clothing #italian
carapellucciによって 2005年10月22日(土)
Italian clothes designed by Gianni and Donatella Versace. Clothing that makes you fell very very sexy. Versus,Versace,Jeans,Beauty,Home,Classic, and Young ( Five collections).
I put my Versace dress and my tits went up my ass went out and stomach went in, and i was ready to fuck the next person that it attracted me to.
Mattによって 2004年08月24日(火)
dope, swag, or cool
Your new Gucci shirt is so Versace.
#versace #gucci #hella tight #cool #dope
Wolf Willyによって 2013年06月27日(木)
Used to describe an individual who is extremely self centered and narcissistic < usually drives a cosmetically appealing car that lacks any real power/torque. Also most stories told are either false or exaggerated. Although he has many friends no one can figure out if the really like this individual.
"Bro give me gas money," "Versace i live next door to you."
#king #coupe #spain #madrid #lightskin
Josh King Madridによって 2014年10月13日(月)
British Slang

Origin: someone invented this phrase to describe the countless number of these people milling around (in tight cliques) the streets of Oxford.

Use: the word "versace" is used to describe a group of "sloanes". In this scenario "versace" takes on the same role as (and a similar meaning to) the word "phalanx".

The use of the word 'versace' is important as it adds a far more embellished description of those you are referring to. For example: sloanes are gaudy, cheap and of no substance. Similar to the flamboyant clothing produced by said designer that only looks good on a yacht/catwalk/celebrity.
I was walking down Cowley Road the other day and almost got run over having to walk around a versace of sloanes.

One of my friends is a sloane, she knows so many fit women. Man I was at a party the other night and it was one big versace of sloanes. Those girls, they may be stuck up but once you're on the inside, they are proper goers!

I was on the Divvy Road (Divinity Road, what they would refer to as their "hood" thinking they're ironically cool, we all call it a street) the other day and a versace of sloanes went past in a convoy of Golfs.

I tell you, if you want to see a versace of sloanes you should pop into Oxford during term time, they all go to "Brookes University" so that their parents can say that they go to "Oxford".
#sloane #versace #versatchi #phalanx #sloane square #sloane ranger #sloaned #tacky #jack wills
stuntedmonkによって 2008年01月17日(木)
Vesace is a expensive clothing brand but it is also a type of extasy pill colored white.
I got a bag full of vesace pills
Javeによって 2005年03月16日(水)

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