sumthin tha iz really koo
"yo that shit iz tyte!"
*Tight*によって 2003年01月15日(水)
A very un-tight way of saying 'tight'.
As bad as 'l337'.
Diegoによって 2003年11月05日(水)
the word that is suppose to mean "cool." it is soo played out that only the losers use it. so stop using the "T" word. its embarassing. a better word to use now is phat.
"that car is soo tyte!"

^^^"shut the hell up. you're a loser!"
anthonYによって 2004年07月07日(水)
1. adj. - the condition of my pent
2. adj. - dope
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My pent are so tyte,
but not as tyte as you
arslaanによって 2004年02月10日(火)


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