uber work
man, I just got through doin some twerk!
Otown Pyleによって 2009年04月14日(火)
to watch someone make nachos
I can twerk it in the kitchen.
yzuhhhhによって 2010年02月06日(土)
Knows how to work your shit in bed.
When you twerk your man or women will say.."Damn that girl can twerk her shit"!
Shawtieによって 2003年04月22日(火)
Having sex until the point of no return.
- twerking like a fucking sailor

- twerking the coochie like a champ

- non-stop twerk-a-thon
Joseph P. Cambellによって 2003年11月16日(日)
fucking,getting ass, also known as "tapping" getting booty, workin that shit.
I am about to twerk her so hard right in the ass. then im going to twerk her even harder in her mouth
Max Brochertによって 2004年11月26日(金)
A rarely seen move only properly executed by a particular Capital Law School Student in which the male ends up sexually satisfied and the female ends up pregnant.
He really twerked her down last night at Sky Bar. I hope he was wearing a condom.
Sir Twerk 'Emによって 2008年12月08日(月)
shakin yo ass
that frl was twerkin fo sho
Anonymousによって 2003年07月16日(水)


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