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Means "that we are".
The staff are gonna think twe're insane with the eems.
Keenan the Ballerによって 2008年05月14日(水)
25 13
It were
Tragically this sorrowful existence ceases as 'twere as no mortal being can inevitable death deter and though I last greeted her as see you tomorrow, oblivious was I of imminent impending sorrow.
Hercolena Oliverによって 2010年06月15日(火)
3 1
It were
'Twere unfathomable how creation began for men listen only to what they wish to hear, sanctifying seemingly unsacred sacristan, making a castle out of a mole's abode mere.
Hercolena Oliverによって 2010年06月15日(火)
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It were
Resist succumbing to disdain, don't fret about walking as should've flown, enjoy all courses, not just main & share with others as though 'twere your own.
Hercolena Oliverによって 2010年06月15日(火)
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