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When a girl spreads her ass cheeks open for a guy to shit between, becomes a Tijuana Burrito if he proceeds to fuck her up the ass
Todd and Jills Tijuana Taco soon became a burrito after the sight of all that feces got Todd harder than a month old chalupa
Ratheonによって 2007年05月01日(火)
Tijuana Taco is when you take a crap and place it under a cars visor (Hence the term taco) of a very unexpecting person. So when He/She is driving and opens the visor it falls on their lap. Hopfully not causing an accident so the driver and gifter get a good Laugh from it.
Butch gave Eric a Tijuana Taco in his new car.
Caldorazoによって 2009年09月24日(木)
the act of taking a taco shell and you shit in it and then jizz in it (melted cheese) and make the girl have her period on it as (taco sauce) then you share a delightful meal together.
dang i left a mess when i had my tijuana taco last night
sir cums alotによって 2011年04月14日(木)
When during sexual intercourse a man takes lettuce, shredded cheese, and taco sauce, and then covers the woman's vagina in said ingredients. The man then proceeds to perform cunnilingus on the woman whilst eating the additional ingredients.
Joey-so what did you end up doing with sarah last night?

Ian-well she likes new things so i gave her the ole Tijuana Taco.
babysodomizerによって 2008年02月17日(日)
A Tijuana Taco is the turned-up or folded-up bill of a baseball cap being worn by anyone that is used (almost exclusively by the filthy fucking mexican) as the perfect temporary storage device for their taco when they are taking a shit.
Oh mang, i reelee got to take a cheet but eef i poot down my deeleeshees taco somebodies ees going to steels eet. Wait a meenit, i done haves to poot eet down i can juss poot eet heer on dee tops of my deesgusteen bazeball cap dat ees so conbeeneeinly locadid on my greesee, feelthee head seence i already have dee reem of my cap foldeed up like dee tijuana taco my mother teech mee to make !! ...ALL ACCENTS USED IN THIS EXAMPLE WERE TRANSLATED VERY CAREFULLY FROM ENGLISH TO BEANER BY A REAL AMERICAN OTHERWISE KNOWN AS A WHITE MAN, SO PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE PROPER DUMB-ASS BEANER ACCENT WHEN READING, OR, IF YOU ARE ALSO A WHITE PERSON, LIKE ME, JUST PRETEND THAT YOU ARE RETARDED.
amandahuginlickによって 2010年03月10日(水)

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