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a true legend and cherished member on message boards everywhere.
I sure love reading and posting on these message boards. Maybe one day, just maybe, I'll reach The Great Milenko status.
#tgm #the gm #the g man #tgreat m #tgmm
Mr Pimp Daddyによって 2006年07月12日(水)
a legend, an idol, the chron dizzle, pimp
I figure if I post on these message boards long enough, one day I will earn The Great Milenko Status.
#tgm #milenko #the great #the bombizzle #the great one
Mr. Pimp Daddyによって 2006年07月13日(木)
the 4th jokers card album released from "insane clown posse".
Anonymousによって 2003年06月22日(日)

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