instead of using "Swag", you use "Sweg" to be more hipster/ indie.
Person 1: did you see that film at the weekend?
Person 2 (cool): no, i have too much sweg!
seanorkによって 2013年07月12日(金)
An acronym used by 12 year olds who think they are unbeatable internet trolls. They often consider themselves as internet gods who shall never be defeated as long as they have sweg. Sometimes, they enter the deep web, order some sweg then inject it into their bodies. In other words, they are fucking badasses.
" Damn dude i just got tr0ll3d H4rd "
" i told you to watch out for the internet gods "

" just ordered sum sweg m8 "
" k giv me sum pls "
" No fak u "
Osomoによって 2014年02月27日(木)
When you try to say swag with swag so our comes out sweg
Look at me
Oh sweg bruh
Geronimo Boによって 2014年05月09日(金)
An adjective; used mainly in western culture by mentally undeveloped teenage, blond haired assholes obsessed with their crappy hairstyle and who are secretly homosexual.

The word describes the shitty use of clothing and prefuse, pointless spitting while checking their own reflection.
Jake: ben, you've got sweg mate!
Ben: yeah i know brov. (whilst fiddling with his genitles in a crowded street)
chavbusterによって 2014年02月24日(月)
sweg is what some people started using after others started saying swag was an acronym for secretly we are gay. but since then others have started saying sweg is an acronym for secretly we EAT gays which is not much better.
jonny: man that movie is said to be full of swag

blake: jonny you know what they say swag means
jonny: sorry man i ment sweg

blake: they say that means secretly we eat gays

jonny: GOD DAMMIT!
BVB fanによって 2014年07月17日(木)
Another meaning of swag could also easily mean Secretly We Eat Gays since swag means Secretly We Are Gay. If a person has sweg it usually means there to stupid to say swag or they eat gay people
1)Damn that gay is so stupid he can't say swag so he says sweg

2)omg there he goes eating another gay person he's got so much sweg
Penguinsgotswagによって 2014年06月25日(水)
1. Adjective used to describe something in a positive way.

2. Similar to swag, but not as stupid

Opposite of Sped

See also, Swegway
Dude! that shot was Sweg!
Turt13 L3g!0nによって 2014年06月13日(金)