1.) An inexpensive detergent used for washing clothing or what cheap people use to get their clothes clean.
I picked up some Sun at Wal-Mart so I can do the laundry this afternoon.
Jackie Jillによって 2008年07月10日(木)
to put someone down
Mike he siad that u is mad ugly he sunned you!
Navyによって 2003年06月27日(金)
Short for Shutting Up Now
OMG, can you believe Pam and Jim on the Office? I just love them! Seriously though, that's enough squeeage for me today. I'm totally SUN.
Hiediによって 2008年05月10日(土)
A magazine, much like Weekly World News, that has stoires about the lastest prophecies about world events and a weekly perdiction from Nostradamus.
I subscribe to SUN.
Anonymousによって 2003年08月20日(水)
Another word for clit.
I opened up her beef curtains to reveal the bright and shiny sun, glimmering in all its majesty.
Juggalette Miniによって 2004年03月22日(月)
Suffix or Prefix added to a word to make it funny.
Pursey Cooksun.
Joshyによって 2002年12月23日(月)
the best newspaper in scotland
the sun is far superior to the daily record and the daily mail
David Richardsonによって 2005年03月29日(火)

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