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Bassist for Iron Maiden, he created such metal epics as "The Number of the Beast" and "The Clansman". May I also mention that he kicks fucking ass?
Fuckin' GOD of the bass guitar.
TallicaD00dによって 2004年10月26日(火)
God in the form of the Iron Maiden bass player and primary songwriter. Has created metal classics such as Aces High, Fear of the Dark, Infinite Dreams, and the Trooper, all on his own. He is the greatest bass player the metal genrè has ever seen, and the 2nd best bassist music has ever seen next to John Entwhistle.
Steve Harris is the best bassist living in the world today.
Xaque Elliottによって 2004年12月29日(水)
fuck'in god of the drums.
drummer for fiori........................
steve harrisによって 2005年02月16日(水)