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kind of like the shocker, except 2 fingers in the ass.
Going to town,with 2 in the brown.
The Daveによって 2005年03月29日(火)
The spockers is similar to it's sister manuver, the shocker, but it envolves the previously unused resource of the ring finger. Simply make the sign of Spock, and put two in the pink and two in the stink.
Man, I had to use the spocker on that chick at the convention, my pinky almost got lost in her ass.
Bones McCoyによって 2005年03月22日(火)
the act of forcing two fingers into the vagina and two into the rectum, hopefully producing a queef.
If the shocker don't rock her, SPOCK her.
maureen, grace, ashleyによって 2005年01月01日(土)