Top Definition
The word used to describe sticky substances or fluids ejaculated from the human body i.e. sperm
Phil shot his splodge all over Dean Gaffney in a potential reach around situation.
Liz_Rodoによって 2008年02月13日(水)
A phsycotic child that appears to be very annoying.
That child is very splodge.
soloonによって 2015年04月29日(水)
A small, wet mass of any sort, or the onomatapeic word for the noise it makes. Also a shortened form of Sploodge.
That paint fell from the ceiling and landed with a splodge.

If you're going to buttfuck me at least clean up your Splodge.
Testes_tonyによって 2003年07月19日(土)
lazy day, cba to do anything
I'm enjoying a splodge day with so and so
germanevilbitchによって 2011年05月30日(月)
a womans vagina
neville:"wa goan blud, what you been up to?"
winston:"just been playing with my bitches splodge all afternoon nigga!"
sweatybolloxによって 2010年05月09日(日)
He owns you. OWNS YOU I SAY!
"You own as much as splodge!"
yoshiによって 2003年07月22日(火)

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