S.O.A.P. stands for Snakes On A Plane.
Dude, It's S.O.A.P., man, S.O.A.P!
Amysによって 2006年04月04日(火)
A solid or liquid substance used in such a manner (often friction) to cleanse a body part or item. See sope
CelticWonderによって 2002年11月19日(火)
abbreviation for the movie "Snakes on a Plane" starting Samuel L Jackson.
i can't wait for SoaP to come out!
melodeeによって 2006年03月24日(金)
to persuade by flattery
They think they can soap me into changing my opinion.
The Return of Light Jokerによって 2012年02月19日(日)
A chemical that when smoked gets you EXTREMELY fucked up.
Girl 1: Hey what happened last night.

Girl 2: I don't remember anything after I smoked that soap. It fucked me up.

Girl 1: it's not the only thing that fucked you.
Annlyssaによって 2011年02月06日(日)
something you better not drop in jail!!!
Butch: Pick up the soap!!!
Eugene: Oh not again
DtMxtimyによって 2008年08月25日(月)
A word used to describe someone who is so cool, that words like "cool" or "awesome" just don't do them justice. It stands for Super Overly Amazing Person-ness
Dude, you microwaved your hamster AND put your frog in a blender?!?!?! You're so fucking S.O.A.P!!!!
Malevolent Cantaloupeによって 2013年02月15日(金)