Used in reference to females
Check out those snags across the street.
Jimによって 2003年09月24日(水)
To spit with phlegm.
Same as 'hock a loogey'.
Ya know da winchill ees sixtee buhloh.
I snagged and it bounced, eh.
Shpeech Sherapyによって 2005年08月11日(木)
Nickname for one that has a snaggled tooth, and/or snaggled nasty uncombed hair everyday. Also has panic attacks when a friend hugs someone that you're not friends with.
Kristen R. is the prime example
kristen is a nastywhoreによって 2004年02月13日(金)
Sexy, Nymphomaniac, Attractive, Girlfriend
"So what's your girlfriend like?"
"oh mate she's a SNAG"
Alter_egoによって 2007年01月12日(金)
Some pretty fucked up teeth that overlap each other
Damn, Eric really is rockin' them snags.
Melanieによって 2003年07月05日(土)
A slang word for pubic hair.
"I need to brush my snags"
Shawnsballs456によって 2016年05月16日(月)

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