Top Definition
When a male uses his penial organ to brutally slap some bitch in the face.
"Take that you dirty slut! I just smirfed you and your sister in the eye!"
Marshiによって 2004年01月21日(水)
To attack with affection.
You are so cute that I'm going to smirf you.
paigezzによって 2006年12月12日(火)
type of facial expression that is made while peeing
I was smirfing the entire time!
JungleWalkin'によって 2010年12月09日(木)
a person who is beyond stupid and sucks at life.
John: "That dude in math got a F on a open book test."
Kyle: "What a Smirf"
aemsaxonによって 2009年12月14日(月)
(Language: Canadian) Single Mom I'd Rail For Sure
"She is a SMIRF" or "hey, check out that SMIRF".
Ragnar Danneskjöldによって 2008年10月18日(土)

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