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One of the best Chicano Rap Artists from the Westcoast.
He is one serio vato. Serio is one of the best chicano rappers I know. Nightmares Turned Into Reality from Califas 2 Washifas
Jonathan Perezによって 2007年12月27日(木)
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spanish for serious
boy: Quiero los zapatos azules.

girl: serio?!?!?!?!?
662614によって 2009年09月22日(火)
Means the same as "serious"
"Are you serious?" becomes "Serio?"
Starryによって 2004年12月08日(水)
For reals , Is that so. Telling me the truth. Seriously
I'm Serio, I want to go to that party tonight
Katrinaによって 2004年11月16日(火)
Pronounced: Se-Ree-O, the 'se' part is elongated, said with an arched brow and tilting the head back.

Meaning(s): 'is that so'; 'are you serious'
Girl: I wanna get some hubcap spinners for my focus
Guy: Serio
Girl: =\
SaraZによって 2005年05月03日(火)
the state or action of complete domination of the competition.

"Jeff completely serioed the other team's defense by scoring three touchdowns"
Edinburgh984によって 2009年03月08日(日)
The anithesis of a ladies man; a true man's man; magically fagalicious
Fuck you serio.
A homosexualによって 2004年05月07日(金)


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