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Commonly used to refer to a sandwich
I've got a sanny for lunch today
Khangsによって 2005年04月21日(木)
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A Glasgow term for a pair of trainers.
"There heavy smart sannys by the way bud!"
cazzaによって 2004年09月28日(火)
Acronym for: Standard Aggressive Night in New York. This is equal to minimum $60 or minimum 12 Drinks. The more SANNY's you expense the fresher you are.
Congratulations! You Pulled a SANNY!
domthemanによって 2011年03月26日(土)
The shortened term for hand sanitizer.
My hands are dirty. Can someone pass me the sanny?
BMF7によって 2011年08月07日(日)
Slang word for sanitary towel
My sanny is chaffing like crazy
Sian conlonによって 2005年07月25日(月)
Person with a huge heart, knows you very well and all feelings are mutual. This person can be your boyfriend/fiancee. Can be used as a lovable nickname.
Me and Sanny went out for dinner last night <3
adfsdfsによって 2011年09月11日(日)
Commonly used by people with IQ's less than 80 to refer to a sandwich.
"Oooh! Look, he's eating a sanny for lunch!"
Max Katzeffによって 2005年04月22日(金)

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