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spider crossed with a dog. agility of a spider, loyalty of a dog.
Dan moves like a spog.
Dan Bouffardによって 2008年11月19日(水)
Northern British slang for sweets, candy.
gi' us sum spogs yer tight twat.
Anonymousによって 2003年03月17日(月)
A slang word for a boiled sweet, possibly a Yorkshire (England) term.
Mummy, can I have some spogs after school?
Miss VTによって 2009年03月08日(日)
Salt, Pepper, Onion, and Garlic. A delicious mixture that can be used on cooked foods and enhances the flavor to an orgasmic degree.
Joe had just finished marinating the chicken, so he applied a generous handful of SPOG to it.
DaveF.SAによって 2009年01月01日(木)
super pimped out gangsta
damn dog homie is spog
slow99gsrによって 2006年12月30日(土)
This is a very uncommon Indian name and by statistics only 10 people in the world have regarded themselves as a Spog. Spog as a definition of name means tending to be bored or excited easily.
"Dude that party was so fun everyone was just spogin out"
Kunningによって 2009年03月06日(金)
to sit and or lay down
im gunna go spog on your bed
betty bによって 2007年02月02日(金)


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