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it's an acronym for Signs of Aging
me: i forgot to tell you something
you: ooh, soa
Ethnbbyによって 2008年04月19日(土)
Soldiers of Allah. Used by some terrorists and Muslim extremists in the context of war or battle.
Osama bin Laden sent his SOA's against the rebels.
Princep786によって 2009年03月16日(月)
School of Architecture
Syracuse SOA. McGill SoA. UT-Austin SOA.
orrangeによって 2011年07月05日(火)
Stands for Salary On Agreement. Sometimes used in job ads where there is no definitive pay grade set.
Salary: £SOA
r712によって 2011年06月25日(土)
AKA : Save Our Asian
In times of dire emergencies such as power outages or lack of food, A state of alert is often followed to save the token asian group member.
Noid on cell: Yo Tycho! We got no subways, internet, food, elevators and air conditioning.

Tycho: Omg, let me signal the SOA beacon.
Fougによって 2003年08月15日(金)
Shit on a shingle, it is basically a poor ass excuse for a meal that I have eaten many times. All it is a piece of toast with hamburger that has been browned with gravy in a pan, but it does taste ok if you pour salt on it.
The military paid my dad shit all the time so my mum made a whole lot of SOAS all the time.
Phillip Kaltenbachによって 2006年08月31日(木)
A school characterized by roving gangs of PLO hate mobs, large breasted African swallows, hip hop dancing posers, white internationalist socialists, and gyrating hemp wearing hippies.
Look at that man.

No! He goes to SOAS!
John the Baptistによって 2005年01月24日(月)