Richmond, BC- A western municipality of the Greater Vancouver area located on a very flat island with the river on two sides and ocean on the other. Historically a quaint fishing town with a seaside village located at the south end of town. A truly picturesque setting with lots of West-coast and Japanese-inspired of those places where there are no bad parts of town.

Enter the immigrants. The quaint fish-and-chips village turns into bustling city with 80 condo towers, with dozens more under construction, and many Asian malls. About half the restaurants, (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) in Vancouver are in Richmond. The night market is also here.

Yes, the Asians account for 60% of the residents here and outside of city hall they are a dominating presence that you cannot avoid. Everywhere you will see high school FOBS rolling around in their beamers and beeping their cell phones.

Richmond has fast become the most favored suburb in the GVRD and hated by eastern municipalities that never get any attention...vast majority of the Olympic budget is slated for Richmond (Canada line, speed skating oval). This fair city is also located next to the island airport of YVR and is a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Residents generally have some extra money and can access many recreational activities close at hand, including biking, swimming, skating, yoga, kayaking, whale watching, it isn't surprising that Richmond is the healthiest city in Canada with a mean life expectancy of 84 years!

Despite its great location and all its amenities, Richmond is still a flood plain and housing prices are still relatively cheap compared to Vancouver. A family moving here can still afford a decent house for under $700,000. Yes, a mere 700k, that's how we talk in BC.
In Richmond I live by the ocean in peace and can hear the sounds of seagulls in the warm breezy air.
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Kylie Hによって 2006年11月04日(土)
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Richmond-upon-thames. A very nice area in London but very expensive. Peaceful in the day and wild in the night. Named after Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire by Henry VII, in which the North Yorkshire town of Richmond (the first ever Richmond in the world) was named after the Normandy town of Richemont. Nonetheless, Richmond-upon-thames a great place.
There are so many Richmonds all over the English world, and it all started in a French town.
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mikebsiによって 2013年07月28日(日)
it was there first! the places in Virginia and Sydney aren't the originals.... Richmond, London dates back to the 1400s!
loser: where are you going today?

cool person: i'm going to richmond

loser: you are so lucky i'm not cool enough to go there

cool person: i am
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kewieによって 2009年05月04日(月)
The capital of Virginia. Home to VCU, UR, and VUU. Has great local bands and lots of great restaurants (Italian, Greek, Sushi, Mexican, Thai, Burgers, Vietnamese, etc.) Seperated into the Fan, Northside, Southside, the West End, the East end, and Downtown. Other districts are Forest Hill, Shokoe Bottom, Shokoe Slip, and Church Hill. Home to WRIR independent radio station.

The city is very influenced by Virginia Commonwealth University, or VCU. The campus is centered in the Fan.

Schools include William Fox, Holton, and Mary Munford elementary schools, Binford, Albert Hill, Lucille Brown, and Orhcard House middle schools, and Maggie Walker, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Open, Community, and Trinity High Schools as well as Collegiate, Steward, Saint Catherine's, Saint Christopher's, Montessori, and Luther private schools.

Home to Alley Katz, Toad's Place, The Canal Club, The National, and many other venues.

The city has many Revolutionary War and Civil war sites that bring it much tourism. The city is also placed next to the James River, where many locals go to swim or hike.

The city has a reputation for crime but the crime rates lower each year.
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richmond=loveによって 2009年06月22日(月)
City in Northern California that is a lovely place to get shot in (This also applies to the city in Virgina).
Enjoy your stay in Richmond- it will be your last.
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Myxamatosisによって 2006年10月08日(日)
Richmond Cali. (In Contra Costa County) "is a former shipbuilding boomtown turned Ghetto".
Richmond is known as the Iron Triangle, The Rich ,Dodge cityIt has four sides to it North Richmond NORTH, Central RichmondC-SIDE, South Richmond SOUTHSIDE and Point Richmond (not mentioned) but known for three. Although getting "hyphy" is more of a Bay Area word defining getting ignorant, drunk/high, and quite violent within a group of friends to most thugs in the game hyphy is a way of life and just having fun. Richmond is ranked the most violent do to the fact that The Rich is not as large as most cities in The Bay but have alot of killings, if you ran across a Richmond cat you know. Richmond has it own set of rules.
Richmond Cali is a city not some district in San Fransico
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Booman P-7 June16, 2006によって 2006年06月16日(金)
two cities; the most ghetto-ass shit holes

see rape
I got shot once in Richmond, California.
One time, in Richmond, Virginia, I was raped!
#california #virginia #rape #death #violence #crime
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月02日(土)

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