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Renua's are usually hot, with good bodies and long legs. They are found mostly in Africa but sometimes they may be found elsewhere. They're usually kind hearted and simple.

They are known for being insanely charming but they get irritated easily. They can be weird sometimes but they are really lively. The life of the party.
They have a dazzling smile, an infectious laugh and an awesome personality.

They're sometimes angry for no reason, but they don't hold grudges. They forgive easily. They're easy to talk to, and when they love, they love hard. Try not to break their hearts though, they can kill for that.
Dude 1: did you see that hot chick over there?!

Dude2: that wasn't just any chick!! That was Renua!!!

Guy 1: My new girlfriend is such a Renua

Guy 2: what does that mean?

Guy 1: it means she's amazing!!
Ella Johnsonによって 2013年04月26日(金)
Renua's are beautiful and smart. They're usually good in math and art. They have long hair and can be very stubborn and lazy but their friends love them. They are very very weird and they love reading. They're super hot and tall with awesome bodies. Usually found in Africa.

They hate people who lie and they love friendly people. They can be very playful but don't get on their bad side! They have a lovely personality and they sometimes come across as snobs but get to know them first. ;) friendliest people ever
Guy 1: Who's that hot girl in the bookstore

Guy 2: well she's tall, super hot and she's in a bookstore, must be a Renua.
André Hansen によって 2014年09月11日(木)

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