The term reggae, in a proper sense, only covers the period in Jamaican music from 1969 to 1979 (or 1985 depending on opinion).

However in today's vernacular, the term has come to refer to all Jamaican music from the development of ska in the early 1960s up until today.

It also refers to music played in the Jamaican reggae styles elsewhere in the world.

Sub-genres and related genres include: Ska, Early or Skinhead Reggae, Roots Reggae, Dub, Nyabinghi Reggae, Lover's Rock, Dancehall, Rumble, Ragga, and Rocksteady.
Reggae music is the best music!
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indiefan08によって 2008年11月27日(木)
Top Definition
"Well reggae music is a music created by Rasta people.
And it carry force of people riddum. Ya know it's a riddum of people workin, people moving; ya know." -Bob Marley
The reggae song One Love by Bob Marley was named the "Song of the Millenium" by Time magazine in 2000.
Fooberによって 2004年03月14日(日)
reggae, especially that of bob marley, is some of the most soulful and mystical music you could ever hope to bless your ears upon. it can range from the sweet rhythms and politics of bob marley to the god awful dancehall of sean paul.

it is mostly hated by the shallow, white, suburban teenagers who can't get past that damned punk rock and MTV.
"My music will go on forever. Maybe it's a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever." - Bob Marley
MSTFreakによって 2005年05月02日(月)
Popular music originating in the West Indies; repetitive bass riffs and regular chords played on the off beat by a guitar
Bob Marley
Trish Bevinsによって 2003年06月22日(日)
Reggae is a music movement created in Jamaica, contributed to greatly by the late The Hon. Robert Nesta Marley. Reggae is almost like a way of life. And reggae doesn't only involve rastafarians singing about weed. It's about unity, love, and sending that message around the world.

(And now that EVERYONE, that is celebrities, want to jump on the reggae bandwagon, like Sinead O'Connor, Lumidee and Stevie Wonder, the genre has become exploited. Everyone wants to do a collaboration with a reggae star. The Jamaican colours are spread all over, and Jamaica is getting no credit.)

And note, REGGAE is DIFFERENT FROM DANCEHALL MUSIC!! Dancehall is more of a DJ-ing gig and Reggae actually involves singing.
Some great reggae artists:

Bob Marley
Toots Hibert
Beres Hammond
Jimmy Cliff
Anonymous 2000568 696によって 2005年05月21日(土)
A genre of music that is better than all of this rap, pop, and poser-punk shit. Just listen to it, and try to tell me that 50 cent, J.Lo, and Good Charlotte is better. Most people who claim not to like reggae never even gave it a chance. Honestly, though, nobody likes those ignorant little shits, so they can back to watching MTV, and tell themselves that they're listening to good music (Sean Paul and Shaggy don't count as reggae, I'm sorry). It's not rastafarians wailing about their love for Jamaica and weed. Whoever gave people that idea is an asshat. Yes, some of it is, but don't even get me started on some of your rap and rock-wannabe shit rambles about their "sick ass bongs". Reggae is much deeper than that. Just listen to it, you'll see what I mean.
Bob Marley. If you've never listened to reggae, listen to two or three of Bob Marley's songs, you'll like it, I swear.
Sarahによって 2005年08月16日(火)
Reggae-An evolved ska sound from Jamaica. There are many different types of Reggae (all of witch are gr8) like roots - a heavy politically motivated style, concious - a more modern beat and sound, toasting- almost raping over an old reggae lp, dub- often intrumental hard beats.Love and harmony a softer loving slow jams with a reggae beat. Reggae is a rasta thing (mainly).
Roots Reggae- culture, Peter Tosh, the Wailers, Burning Spear, The Abbyssinians too name a handful
Concious Reggae- Buju Banton, Sizzla, Capelton
Toasting Raggae- U-Roy, I-Roy, Big Youth
Dub Reggae-Sly and Robbie, Lee Perry, King Tubby
Love and Harmony Reggae- Gregory Issacs, Culture, Bob Marley
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jah jac bastianによって 2006年06月07日(水)
quite simply, reggae is a soulful Carribean form of rock'n'roll. Inspired by American soul, ska, calypso and other Carribean music styles, reggae is usually in a laid back arrangement, relaxed and based on guitars. Reggae was invented in Jamaica but there are other performers in other countries that perform reggae. Many bands in various other rock styles have written reggae-influenced songs. Many reggae songs have scored international success over the past 25 years or so. Reggae is usually about island life, celebrating life in spite of poverty and oppression, sunshine, peace, racial equality, sometimes "ganja" and sometimes Rastafari.

Some world-wide reggae hits:

"Tomorrow People" - Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
"Can You Be Loved" - Bob Marley and the Wailers
"Bad Boys (Theme from COPS)" - Inner Circle
"Red Red Wine" - UB40
"Pass the Dutchie" - Musical Youth
"Smoke Two Joints" - the Togues (sp?)
"Electric Avenue" - Eddy Grant

and some reggae and reggae-inspired hits from artists in other genres:

"I Shot the Sheriff" - Eric Clapton
"Down Under" - Men at Work
"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" - Culture Club
"The Tide is High" - Blondie
"Bobo Tempo" - Huey Lewis and the News
"Heart" - Nick Lowe

and many others, too numerous to list here.
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Starpunkによって 2006年11月17日(金)

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