Top Definition
A name for a strong, sexy, smart, funny man
All the girls love the Reda
bobobobob123456によって 2010年10月19日(火)
An amazing cool person who is unique and special.
Look at her go that Reda is so special.
kathleensadsdaによって 2011年10月10日(月)
One who tends to be told fashioned, medieval, socially awkward and horrible with people. One who uses big words to try to seem smart, makes smart ass unecessary comments, and comes off as rude unintentionally.

To think of oneself as being immortal or nonhuman-like.
That joke wasn't funny, you're being such a redas.

Why can't I get any girls? :(

I don't know, maybe because you're acting like a redas!?!?!
summa2009によって 2011年08月13日(土)

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