dinosaur for i love you.
Girl: Rawr.
Boy: I love you too.
Krystaa によって 2008年05月30日(金)
A word common to "roar"

Used to playfully describe a roaring noise
Rawr! I'm a big scary monster!
Sam Kによって 2005年02月22日(火)
1. Originally meant "right answer, wrong reason", used in RPG games and such.

2. Someone stupid decided it was supposed to be a cute way of saying roar.

3. Someone else stupid decided it meant "I love you" in dinosaur language.
1. Player One: RAWR
Player Two: No! That is the right reason!!!
Player One: No, your judgement is off.

2. Rawr, I'm so cute.

3. Dinosaur: Rawr

Dinosaur's Mate: Rawr
blarghleeによって 2009年08月08日(土)
a sexy sort of growling sound
"I rawred at him cutely"
Saraによって 2005年02月17日(木)
An internet lingo which indicates someone doing a 'roaring' sound. It sounds cute in a way.
Where are my cookies?! rawr!!!
pongkoyによって 2007年10月16日(火)
a word used to descibe anger, bordom or simply used to say randomly and throw people off
person: ok so then we went to the movies and he was all like
me: Rawrr!
Person:......um...wtf? i dnt even kno how to respond to that
me: walks away smiling. ~mission achieved~
shaylaaによって 2008年10月24日(金)
a word used to describe feelings of random anger or boredom.
Dude! Are you going to the mall with me? RAWR Um, what's wrong with you?
Teraによって 2005年01月31日(月)