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A knife, usually a switchblade
"..if I ain't grab the ratchet & let them cowards have it"
nate diggityによって 2005年03月09日(水)
v: Term used to describe when a persons teeth get knocked out by somebody else
Dude! that kid got ratcheted bad last night!

Man i wish i could ratchet someone right now.
Taro Baapによって 2007年02月19日(月)
A ratchet is one that may have a 1/8 tank of gas, his/her car is about to get repossessed but they still put rims on it that cost more than the actual car, don't have nor want a job, will stank a fool, rent is late, water already cut off, but they will still hit up the Koko and spend 3 stacks. True Ratchets love that Cajun Daquiri all day happy hour (Thug Passion, Pimp Juice) and Southern Classic.
Keep it ratchet.
spliff-a-rilloによって 2010年02月04日(木)
A word to describe a handgun. Much like the word hammer it is derived from the word tool.
"Why do they call it a ratchet?"

"Because it will twist your cap!"
Leatherneckによって 2006年02月12日(日)
An out of control ghetto person.
"Daaaamn, did you see those cheerleading RATCHETS? LOL."
Someone...Someone.によって 2011年11月19日(土)
To twist your wang in a girls vagina to a point then go back to the start point. Repeat.
A fun way to fuck is to ratchet that pussy.
Anonymousによって 2003年03月18日(火)
A hoe
ew, i could never go with a ratchet
Rhyaaanによって 2008年12月16日(火)