When an ethnic minority makes unfounded assertions that he/she is being rejected by society because those who made the decision are racist.
Of course, the racist card will still be availiable.
Kung-Fu Jesusによって 2004年04月24日(土)
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Calling someone racist, even if they aren't, just to get away with something.
Jalen played the RACE CARD and all the charges were dropped.
Anonymousによって 2003年09月08日(月)
What "certain folks" like to cry when they don't get their way.
Awe.....that shopkeeper won't keep the shop often after closing time for me to shop...I'm going to cry the race card!!!
Piranhaによって 2005年01月27日(木)
When a minority in America (and more recently, Caucasians) try to call foul on a situation that is detrimental to them and say the situation is racially discriminatory. Now, whether it is or not is irrelevant, as such stories are taken as gospel.
Because the black woman didn't win in "The Apprentice", she pulled the race card.

Miguel had the lowest work rating in the company, took 5 personal days in a row and came into work drunk. He was fired, but because he went to the ACLU and pulled the race card, he has his job back.
D. Arseによって 2004年08月23日(月)
A reference to poker's "Ace Card" which is "up someone's sleeve". The race card refers to having an unbeatable card in a card game, which, when played, must be either accepted or trumped by an entire hand of cards (see Rodney King).

The reality of the implementation of this term is that a lot of people misuse it in order to gain an advantage that they would not otherwise have. It plays into the idea that there actually are races, and that our differences matter more than our similarities. There is a valid use for this, but it is far overused and this overuse does not actually promote equality, it destroys it. The term "race card" implies that the entire issue is a game of one-upsmanship and that it's just a matter of who gains the upperhand.

The "race card" is in play any time someone uses the issue of race to benefit their position or defend their actions, and is used in such a way to construe that someone is being racist.
Misused by people of color: Juan's got one cracker of a boss, and is getting sick of the boss's crap. Juan's going to go in and demand a raise or quit. But Juan needs the job, so he's going to play the race card to squeeze the raise out of the boss, because Juan knows that they are a certified equal opportunity employer and the boss needs to keep his quota up.

Appropriate use by people of color: Suriah is being accused of stealing her employee keycard from work and is being terminated wrongfully because of it. However, she knows that lots of people who have accidentally taken these keys home, and being that the company is run by rich white people who probably don't really have a clue that they're being racist, and so she's going to take them to court and play the race card.

Inappropriate use by white people: Jim is just sure that his employee, Marcus, is stealing from him. However, Jim is worried that Marcus will play the race card if confronted, and so Jim is going to place hidden cameras in order to see if his suspicions are true... despite the ACLU's warning that it's an invasion of privacy.

Appropriate use by white people: George is prison inmate and believes that the other prisoners are going to give him a hard time (see rape) because he's a white guy that they're placing in a section filled with black racists (see Black Panthers). George is going to play the race card in order to get out of the situation and be placed in a section with other white people.

Final note: the application of humor to this topic is not in any way intended to diminish the serious nature of it. However, the truth of the matter is that far too many people play the race card who don't have to, and this weakens how effective it is in the long run. Keeping a sense of humor about things will help people to realize that we're all in the same boat, and genetics prove us to be human.
Ray Jensonによって 2006年04月07日(金)
When somebody tries to use their race or place of origin to gain an advantage over a person or situation.

The Meat Sheik played the race card when a reporter from the ABC T.V Show 'Chasers' confronted him at the airport with masking tape.

Chasers Reporter: Will you say more nasty things about the people of Australia when your in a mosque overseas?
Meat Sheik: You racist! You racist! You racist!
Chasers Reporter: Here is some masking tape for your mouth.
Meat Sheik: Racist! Racist! Racist!
Marbles1000によって 2007年05月17日(木)
A false claim of racism used in attempt to win a debate/argument or escape punishment. This is generally used by people who have no legitimate argument or excuse for their actions.

Originally used mainly by individual African Americans for personal reasons, the race card is now commonly played by liberals of all races in an attempt to silence anybody who disagrees with them or opposes their agenda. This is similar to how conservatives used the concept of "patriotism" to silence their critics after 9/11.
1.) After the jury was shown irrefutable evidence of his guilt, the defendant played the race card and said that he was only charged because he was black.

2.) After the Republican embarrassed the Democrat in the debate, the Democrat played the race card and claimed that the Republican was biased against blacks because he wanted to reduce spending on welfare.
ronhollisによって 2011年08月28日(日)


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