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ultra fast sportbike

gixxer killer
dude my r1 smoked that dumb ass gixxer
Bertによって 2003年09月20日(土)
a motorcycle made by yamaha
another word for it would be "ownage"
"that guy on his harley though he was the shit, so I did I stoppie on my R1 then burned out"
godによって 2003年08月22日(金)
First introduced in 1998 by the Yamaha Motor Corporation, their flagship 1000cc sportsbike re-wrote the rule book for performance. When first introduced, Yamaha's competition were left stuttering with a bike that weighed only 177kg with over 130rwhp (Yamaha claimed 150rwhp). The only drawback at the time was the questionable handling with the lack of steering damper.

The 998cc, 4cyl, 20 valve engine has been redesigned for the 2007 model and now runs a 16 valve head.

The R1 continues today with the latest model (2007) back up to 177kg dry, but power up to 152rwhp (Dyno'd with only 300km on the clock)
Yamaha YZF R1, Smoking (the rear tyre) is good for your health.
Tech Doctorによって 2007年03月25日(日)
Modified version of the Belgian FN combat rifle - bore 7.62mm and extremely heavy to cary in the field. Later replaced by the R4 and R5 versions of 5.54mm bore. The R1 is now a museum piece. It was onerous to clean in the field, but could stand more dirt and nonsense than the M16A
You don't clean your R1, bro, you're not gonna be able to shoot that terr!!!
Frank1eによって 2006年07月09日(日)
A piece of sports bike history
The R1 is still the coolest looking super sports bike released and still holds the top for the past 5 years running, to most Suzuki Gixer owners disgust and jealousy.
JamesRによって 2005年09月16日(金)
typically bought because one of the best riders of all time, Valentino Rossi, rides an M1, the prototype 800cc machine.

most R1 riders think that since Rossi has won more championships than any other rider in MotoGP history that the R1 is holier than all other bikes.

yet you will constantly see GSXRs, CBRs, and Ninjas passing R1s at every trackday you attend.
that R1 rider was making such horrible lines that he almost crashed into me as i was passing him on the outside on my GSXR
mygsxrisfasterによって 2009年06月01日(月)
Rank 1 - Commonly used in online gaming.
Dude, I'm gonna get r1 tomorrow.
Icefloesqtによって 2012年09月09日(日)

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