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A school in northern virginia infested with potheads, posers, bullies, ghetto people that think their all that, and alot more. Also home to where everyone is not self aware and is a copy of some of the people who control mass groups of morons. For example; A farm owner controls alot of sheep. Except in Potomac there are about 12 farm owners and the rest are cheap. Oh but you cant forget the fact that inocent kids that dont mess with anyone always get picked on and the horrible staff that often abuses, hits, singles out, yells and throws things at student *cough* ms.anderson *cough* and alot more *cough* yet the rest of the staff is too careless to say anything about this. All in all, stay AWAY FROM THIS SH*T HOLE.
1) Person 1: "Ayo cuz what it do, You ugly as fuc* "

Person 2: "Do you go to potomac middle school?"

2) Person 1: " You aint got shoe game"

Person 2: " You go to potomac dont you?"

3)Person 1: " Im a backstabber to all my friends!"

Person 2: " uggh, stupid potomac kids "

4) Person 1:" Im going to lower this kids self esteem because she is weak and wont fight back!"

Person 2: " Thats how all potomac people are!"

5) Person 1: " im not a version and im a drug addict!"

Person 2: " Your obviously from potomac "
illuminatedによって 2014年01月24日(金)

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