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1.) A place you take a piss, most often an abandoned room in your friends furnished basement, you open the door piss inside it and close the door. You may also deficate in their but it is much more risky. Quite often after about a month or so of you and your friend using this door as a "piss shack" a wretched stench will develope and quite often the father will find this and tape a paper on the door to the room he printed off the computer reading: DO NOT USE THIS AS A BATHROOM!! In huge bold letters.

2.) Also sometimes used to refer to Radio Shack As well as "Crap Shack"
1.) *While Spending the night at Erics, down in the basement*
Alex: Be right back i gotta piss, then im going to bed.
Eric: aiight.
5 mins later while trying to fall asleep:
Alex: *Laughing his balls off because he got some piss on the floor and not all of made it into the room*
Alex: What? *with huge smirk*
Eric: BASTARD! MotherF*CKER my socks are soaked!!!, Your such a bastard!!! *this went on for about 30 minutes*
Alex: *Crying and rolling on the floor with a red face laughing his ass off desperately holding his stomach trying to catch his breath*
Alex: Oh you love it!!!
Eric: *with big smile shaking his head with dissaprovement* Your such a bastard!
Alex: Hey thats the piss shack for ya.

2.) Hey want to go to the piss shack with me? I gotta pick up some fuses.
Its mE Alexによって 2006年01月09日(月)

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