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Located in north-western Pennsylvania, this branch campus offers a variety of majors/minors to a generally unmotivated student body.

The school receives an annual snow fall of 30 to 40 feet which begins approximately 45 minutes after the blistering heat ends in August. The focal point of the campus is the amazing physics phenomena which requires students to walk uphill to and from class.

Around 65% of the students are 5th year seniors thanks to the grand engineering scheduling structure. On a more positive note, the school offers a male to female ratio of about 6 to 1 which is more balanced than years past. However, with this increase in female population comes a steep rise in bitch.

The food options for Behrend are limited to dobbins (home of the dobbins dash), Bruno's, and the always lovely Hungry Howie's. Without the latter, the entire student body would certainly starve to death or resort to cannibalism.

Overall, Penn State Behrend is absolutely the greatest school anyone could ever go to because amazing crazy things always happen (pop secret). If you can tunnel through the snow and bull shit, its not all that bad of a place to live.
Penn State Behrend was the only school I applied to, but unfortunately i got in.
NDKallthewayによって 2009年11月06日(金)


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