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The day in which Microsoft tries to fix the various flaws of fucked up products it has produced before.
"Microsoft is going to address some other 913567 vulnerabilities in IE this Patch Tuesday."
Ershadskyによって 2014年01月16日(木)
The second Tuesday of every month. The day when all the major companies put their updates out for their software.
Guy 1: Happy Patch Tuesday!
Guy 2: Thanks, I hope I don't get a Crash Thursday.
Straemerによって 2007年10月10日(水)
The second Tuesday of the month when Bill Gates puts out the newest patch for Windows. Always proceeded with Reboot Wednesday
guy 1: Happy patch Tuesday!
guy 2: huh?
guy 1: nvm its a computer nerd thing
Straemerによって 2007年09月11日(火)