The male sex organ (known as a schlong; dick; or in Old English, a penis) of humans living in Italy or of Italian descent.
Giovanni's girlfriend slapped him when he whipped his panini onto her face.
thestorerによって 2009年05月26日(火)
Like vajayjay is for vagina, but for penis.
That guy is such a panini.
Peter the Veganによって 2008年02月13日(水)
the description of a bitch as she trips
that bitch just did a panini *trips*
SURIによって 2013年03月09日(土)
A hot mess stuffed in some bread.
Donna: What a panini.
MojoJojoによって 2013年05月20日(月)
A name for the sexiest Canadian alive.
Have you ever seen panini? FUCK is she hot.
Kano >_>によって 2009年08月06日(木)
a cute word meaning small penis
omg he had such a panini i couldnt even feel it.
lislutによって 2008年10月06日(月)
1. Disgusting vadge.
2. To clamp onto someone like a panini grill, and then bagel them forcefully.
1. Urghh! Look at her panini! / Jesi! Have u seen her panini?!?! She's not getting any salmon tonight!

2. OMG! That guy from number 6 just paninied me in the street.
flashermonkeyによって 2004年04月30日(金)


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