It is what everything else isn't. Everything else is somehting so the other thing is nothing.
Nothing is nothing, so nothing doesn't exist and there is not not not nothing. Everyting is something.
Turd Fergusonによって 2004年01月29日(木)
Rubbish Tasks; Checking Email Watering grass
Watcha up too? Nothin!
Freddyによって 2003年06月14日(土)
the punchline to a very tastless joke
whats better than having sex with an 11 year old asian boy?

h bizzle 5 shizzleによって 2005年02月25日(金)
the piece of skin between the vagina and the anus
She had a piece of toilet paper stuck on her nothing
BigAntによって 2008年03月28日(金)
What most people who post on this sits lives are worth.
Stop playing so much CS fag.
the kkk rocksによって 2003年05月07日(水)
nobody. lame. stupid
"girl, you see Kiesha yesterday, homegirl had on a bright pink halter top on with some bright green booty shorts. Aint she nothing!"

-reply "nothing paw"
indiによって 2003年05月06日(火)
Vagina- woman's sexual organ
Nothing is beautiful
zbによって 2005年12月14日(水)


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