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Newstainment is the product of 24 hour news stations which are a combination of news and entertainment. The news portions fill in the space between the entertainment which is what gets the viewers. Some stations like to also use exaggeration, innuendo and deceptive practices like splicing stock footage of crowds into a story to make it look more newsworthy. They all have a slant to one ideology or another but that is mainly to appeal to their newstainment audience who do not like hearing confusing viewpoints that disagree with or are different than their own. Negative news stories about the ideological opposition is a staple of Newstainment.
"Did you see the newstainment piece on the tea party rally? The crowd there was huge, now that is entertainment errr news."

"Did you see how rude Kanye West was when he grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift and said that Beyonce should of won the MTV VMA right in the middle of Taylor Swifts' acceptance speech?"

"No, where did you see that?"

"It was on the 24 hr newstainment channels for 20 hours a day last week. How could you have missed it! Oh yeah I think they also mentioned something about that psycho Osama releasing another tape, not too sure though."
JohnnyCrackCornによって 2010年02月04日(木)


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