Cali term that stands for "Northern California."
Yo, where you from, cuz?

Joshiro007によって 2003年02月19日(水)
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Northern California duh?
Yo foo lets go to Nor Cal.
13によって 2003年03月26日(水)
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Hella better than shitty socal. We even have the better greens.
Wut the fuck is that thing?
My name? fuck that, give me your name!によって 2004年11月16日(火)
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The best fucking place on Earth.
NorCal is so fucking awesome in comparison to sucky ass SoCal
killa caliによって 2006年05月14日(日)
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O Snap, Im hella from Nor Cal.
Person 1: "You high?"
Person 2: "Wut?"
Person 1: "Ahh, you hella faded"
Person 2: "..."
My name? fuck that, give me your name!によって 2004年11月16日(火)
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Damn good place. Everything is pretty much in the Bay area or san francisco. But there's a whole ton a natural beauty from the redwoods up north to the san francisco bay estuary to the mountains. NorCal is startin to get all messed up kinda like the sad fate of socal, but probably not as bad. The 650 or 415 is the place to be for a sweet trip or visit, but the housing is waaaay to jacked for me out there near the City by the Bay.
Got half my family livin there, too, and you guessed it, their
NoCal-er: Hella, that trip to NYC was sweeeet, but there'll never be any match for west coast Norcal.
Non-Californian: Oh, nice Man. you mean out there near Frisco?
NorCal-er: ................uh, NO.
Mickgriddleによって 2006年10月10日(火)
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an abbreviation for northern California. Most known for the bay area. A place where for the average teenager, going a whole day without saying "hella" is allmost impossible.
Kid 1: Norcal is hella better than Socal!
Kid 2: No shit
Tha Baydestrianによって 2008年10月22日(水)
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