How spoiled little fucks interpret the motives of the world around them. always thinking that things HAVE to go right for them all the time(to the point where they can't recognize a blessing if it fucked them in the ass) and when it doesnt, the world all of a sudden turns into a hatefilled monster with a sole purpose to turn said person's life into a hell because he cant stop thinking about how his life sucks because one thing didn't go the way it was supposed to in his little bubble/world. Shit happens, the longer you cry about it, the more it affects you, grow up and take control of your emotions dipshit.
person 1: Hey, whats up man!
person 2: Have you heard of Murphy's law?
person 1: nah, what is it? chemistry?
person 2: my girlfriend just told me it isnt working so i went out for a drive, i was lighting my cigarette when a truck pulls out of nowhere and i smash right into it
person 1: damn that sucks, oh well shit happens, wanna get some chinese, im taking this hot chick, and shes bringing a friend.
person 2: no i need some time to get my self together
person 1: alright bro take it easy.
Sameer Bによって 2007年05月08日(火)
murphys law has many variations, including, "the reason why a day goes bad: (insert original murphy's law here) and then you hit chem class with people that yell at you for helping because they dont understand other people asked that person for help, and then you leave the class and continue to encounter other ridiculous absurdities, similar to symetrically shaped objects, where one side is specifically labeled -this side up- because sillyness is at work in the word ridiculing all that is sane and good "
Mr.brian bills: chemistry student and day experiencer: who also gallantly feels the need to apologize when he has a bad day
the all knowing oneによって 2005年01月07日(金)
the law in nature that makes the B's prone to seeing Ken everywhere we go. Ken is everywhere and we always run into him at horrible times. B usually runs away screaming "MURPHYS LAW!!"

-aka- Ken's Law
after a long hard workout, who do we see?? but ken walking to his sweet car

-Murphy's Law
Bitchによって 2004年12月07日(火)
commonly called 'sods law'
"thats sods law for you!"
Mattによって 2003年09月30日(火)
Everything that could possibly go wrong will. The only reason that this is sometimes true is because everybody that believes it has a really pessimistic view on life, and if you have a positive attitude good things will happen.
I called a girl up and asked her out on a date. I got diarrhea, I lost my job, my car crashed, I was 2 hours late, and when I got there she had already left on a date with another guy. So I came home, told my hot roommate, and we ended up fucking all night long.
Buttfuckedによって 2003年09月07日(日)
the worst always occurs at the most inopportune time
I got in a car wreck and just like murphy's law said I also lost my job.
Anonymousによって 2003年09月04日(木)
The title of Murphy Lee's album.
Murphy Lee's new shiz Murphy's Law is off da heez fo sheez.
Anonymousによって 2003年10月09日(木)