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Smooth player hippo with big thick dark eyebrows. Moto Moto means "Hot Hot".
Moto Moto is the BIGGEST hippo in Madagascar 2!

Moto Moto- the name so nice you say it twice!
CartoonFan6595によって 2009年09月19日(土)
Hot Hot!
Moto Moto: So nice you have to say it twice!
Hsrsjによって 2008年12月07日(日)
Its a muscular ans sexually appealing hippo.He often frequents watering holes and emerges only to seduce other hippos and to sing "Big and Chunky".
Damn that moto moto has a great ass. The hippo, the myth, the legend
JamBeruFTWによって 2015年02月13日(金)
A large black man that is a great lover.
JP is known as Moto Moto.
Moto' Moto's loverによって 2009年06月07日(日)

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