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*A non human "person" that usually has random bursts of retardation and a lust to acquire a boyfriend.

*A sub breed of human created by the mating of a The Missett is a curious and illiterate species that often will bitch about things that never go its way and will often betray and backstab its "friends" for no apparent reason unless they are backstabbed first. Missetts often confuses many things, topics and nouns such as the letters S and C, Y and E. Missetts also have a very bad taste in music.

*Missetts are often found in their natural habitat frantically searching for boys to take advantage of. This is one of its only source of nourishment. Missetts grow to an estimated 3 and a half feet tall and weigh as much as 4 metric tons. This comes in handy when the Missetts camouflages as a schoolhouse to lure unsuspecting boys to them. When it catches a boy in one of its traps, Missetts will usually attempt to make the boy stupid so that he would not say that the Missett has done anything wrong to him.
*When boy hunting season is over, the Missett's prey often includes pancakes, an unhealthy amount of coffee and various young women (and men) who attend Winston Prep school for the abnormal such as Chris, Sunshine, Michael, Jarred, Zoe, Brandon, Sharkteeth, Anna, Eric, Seth, Joanna, Anthony, Wallie, Danielle, Tavel, Myran, Jeremy, Alex, Matthew, Jiana, Jessica, and David. These unsuspecting people are drained of any brain power that they had before being lured by the Missett.
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