an awesome singer/songwriter/musician who kicks butt,is married,and can kick lindsay lohan's butt anytime.
awesome singer songwriter musician
Michelle Luverによって 2005年03月03日(木)
Top Definition
A talented singer who writes great music.Not a poser like Avril Lavigne.
laserblaze21によって 2003年09月13日(土)
A Great Singer and deons't lip sync
Did I mention she sings?
Rockstarによって 2003年06月16日(月)
Most huggable singer song writer in the world
omfg its michelle!!! hey whose that... oh sorry avril... youre too small to see
micheeによって 2003年09月14日(日)
a singer that writes her own music, is in her own band now, can play the guitar and many other instruments, very pretty, also quite funny :)
plays lots of instruments and continues to:)
euniceによって 2005年01月22日(土)
A kick ass singer who writes her own songs. However they tend to blend into eachother a little...
But she wud kick Avril's 'hard' ass in a fight, and most importantly, a music contest. Cuz she has...talent! Kerazy idea, huh?
Michelle plays guitar. Avril plays tape.
kellieによって 2003年05月29日(木)
the most awesomest person ever!
a singer/musician/actress/songwriter/almost mother/married/a lot of other things
nothin like lindsay lohan
Michelle Luverによって 2005年03月12日(土)

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