Probably the best and most beautiful girl in the world.If you meet one they will most definitely be a shinning light at the end of the darkest valley.they have a bright personallity and will always be good to you when you are down.Just the thought of a meagan should make your day worth while.Trust me,you wont regret meeting a meagan.
That girl is a complete Meagan.
superspinnerによって 2011年07月01日(金)
Beautiful amazing friend who will never betray you
I love Meagan she is a wonderful friend
Sexysportsbabe1400によって 2011年06月30日(木)
a term used in defining hoood, dopefresh and/or gangstuh
get like that girl meagan; shes soo hoood!
this is an actual defitionによって 2008年01月17日(木)
The most wonderful girl in the world she will make anyones day and is the worlds best friend. She can get any guy with her smile and is beautiful. She is very insecure about herself. At school she is the shy type but once you get to know her she is one of a kind. She is beautiful inside and out.
Guy 1: have you seen meagan?
Guy 2: no why?
Guy 1: I need to ask her out before someone else gets her?
bubbly boo123456789によって 2013年03月28日(木)
An undefinable girl. No words, lyrics, poems or stories could describe how outragously gorgeous this girl is. She is one of a kind, and there is only one true Meagan. She lights up a room with her stunning smile and her big brown eyes look sweetly and kindly to you. She had determination like no other and strives for what her heart wants , you cant stop her from chassing her dreams. She is wise and intelligent with the way she speaks and acts. Losing her would be the biggest mistake of your life, for she is the bestest friend you will ever have. When you look at her you cant help but feel so happy :) She listens, she understands, she loves more than anyone you will ever know. Since theres only one true meagan, finding her is hard so look to where to you see the sun since she is the brighest warmest hearted person. Meagan :) some one that cant be defined, but when you see her youll know its.. Meagan.
Michael : Who is that ?
Kevin : Meagan , the one , the only , True Meagan.
ThatsMe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!によって 2011年08月08日(月)
Meagan is a strong, young and independant woman. She goes to college for something artsy. She has powerfully blue eyes and always knows how to make you smile. She puts everyone she knows before her. She loves video games and is learning to play guitar. she doesn't think she is attractive and she loves the word gnarly. She knows who she is and is confident in that. She is the most amazing girl.
COD1990によって 2010年12月02日(木)
Meagan is the perfect balance of everything you could ever want in a girl. She is unique but also the ideal and perfect girl. She is extremely loyal and reserved even though she is so attractive. She is always so beautiful with her brown eyes and her smile that makes you want to keep her smiling forever but also possibly the best part about her is personality. She is loving, caring, thoughtful, positive, fun, accepting, sweet, honest, supportive, and has the most amazing personality. Though she is shy, she can make laugh and make your whole day whenever she talks to you. Even though she can relate to a guy, she has a girly side that is so lovable and adorable. She has a laid back personality but is also up for trying new things. No matter what happens in her life, she is kind to everyone around her. She is the kind of girl any guy would want and a blessing to anyone who has her in their lives.
Meagan is my true love!
cZBrandonによって 2014年09月20日(土)


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