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An epic, and even violent doody event (anal explosion), after the consumption of McDonald's, or "Mickey Ds". It usually happens 1/2 hour to an hour after indulging in the omni-present Scottish cuisine. It gives no warning, and may render an unsuspecting individual with a STANK- ASS, and messy drawers! Big Macs are notorious for such an event.
Yo son, I just took the most stank-ass McDump after eating two quarter pounders, fries, a shake, and an apple pie. It was nasty yo, and cleared out the public restroom!"
master gas blasterによって 2003年01月03日(金)
37 11
The unpleasant bowel movement that occurs within an hour of eating at a certain fast food restaurant. Most food takes roughly 4 hours to digest, but this biological puzzler takes less than an hour.
Just like clockwork, I had to take a McDump 15 minutes after I left the restaurant.
Mr Sleepによって 2007年06月24日(日)
11 3
McDonald's crappy food
I just had a McDump.
Firefighter Rockyによって 2011年04月07日(木)
7 5