1) A secret cabal organized on the internet to pull the strings of a global online group, without tipping their hands to members of said group.

2) Any member of said group

3) Delicious
We need people in the streets of every major city in less than two weeks. Someone get marblecake on this.
anonymonymouseによって 2009年04月21日(火)
Top Definition
Marble Cake may be used as either a noun or a verb; however, in either context it describes the action of a man anally penetrating either a man or a woman and ejaculating inside of said person. Afterwards the person on the receiving end defecates. If the defecator is a man, he then masturbates into his own feces.

Finally, the resulting mass of feces and ejaculatory fluids is put on a platter and one or both parties partake of the "cake."

This is similar to Felching.
I can't believe you ate that Marble Cake!
12345Anonymous54321によって 2007年10月30日(火)
Messages hidden (intentionally or unintentionally) within a picture or another body of text.
The Times "2009 World's Most Influential People" wants everyone to know "MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME."
PillarOfCreationによって 2009年04月13日(月)
When, upon performing anal sex, semen and shit are mixed.
Dominic asked that his boyfriend not wipe, then proceeded to marblecake him.
Rukis Croaxによって 2006年04月12日(水)
“The first Anonymous video message to Scientology and the first three themes for the protests were cooked up in a collective that has come to be known as marblecake, because of one of the names for irc channels they used. Opinions on this group vary widely. Some consider them a sinister, secretive cabal bent on controlling Anonymous. Others, including participants, portray them as simply a creative collective who brainstormed and came up with good ideas, which were then adopted at large on their own merits because they were good ideas. Critics of the marblecake group, on the other hand, accuse MC of astroturfing and using sock puppets to manufacture support for their ideas, “leaderfagging,” and otherwise being bad in a variety of ways.”
Who is marblecake?
NotMarbleCakeによって 2009年04月15日(水)
1) a type of cake made by partially mixing vanilla and chocolate cakes before cooking, to create a marble effect
2) inter racial homosexual anal sex
whoa, man i just walked in on some marble cake man!!
AschlaboIIIによって 2004年03月09日(火)
The cake baked by 4channers to celebrate their victory in making Moot the winner of the 3rd annual TIME 100 poll in 2009.


How it went (hint, 1st letter 1st word in name):

Anwar Ibrahim
Rick Warren
Baitullah Mehsud
Larry Brilliant
Eric Holder
Carlos Slim
Angela Merkel
Kobe Bryant
Evo Morales

The message continued:

Alexander Lebedev
Lil' Wayne
Sheik Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Odell Barnes

Tina Fey
Hu Jintao
Eric Cantor

Gamal Mubarak
Ali al-Naimi
Muqtada al-Sadr
Elizabeth Warren
Dude, anon's message to the world after rigging the TIME 100 '09 vote says "Marblecake" and "also, the gam...." #@$% I just lost.
LegionaryBlackup666によって 2009年04月27日(月)

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