a wonderfully large schlong
Did you see the magic stick he whipped out? It was drool worthy!
AznTigrによって 2003年11月11日(火)
a pimp stick
I took my magic stick to the club and got mad amounts of ass.
Anonymousによって 2003年10月12日(日)
pimp cane
the gold-plated blingin canes that the pimps carry with their furs and perms
Big Rによって 2003年08月30日(土)
pass the magic stick man.
pete hodgeによって 2003年07月15日(火)
crack stem, alluded to when talking about getting really fucked up on crack
"hey man lets go get really fucked up you buy some rock and i'll bring the magic stick. It'll be grand.
papa rileyによって 2003年06月24日(火)
penis, peter, puty tang, wang, the snake in your boot, "tiny"
d'andre sang, i got the magic stick

danny sang, i got the carrot stick what' what' carrot stick its a freak to the core!! i love my tweasers to masterbate with!!! i got the carrot sick!
mr. minie killerによって 2005年02月26日(土)

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